Pet Peeves

Here's a list of what we'd prefer not to experience at your restaurant:

1. Bad table in spite of having made a reservation

2. Wall bench seating / squashing us up next to strangers

3. Grimy salt and pepper shakers and/or menus

4. Loud music in the dining room

5. TV in the dining room

6. Overdressed salad

7. One course arrives while we’re still working on the previous one

8. Entrees brought out one at a time instead of together

9. Slow service—can’t find a waiter when we need one

10. Overly attentive waiter—we like to be asked once if everything is okay

11. Excessive replenishment of water

12. Busperson clearing off table while someone is still eating

13. Inconsistent quality of dishes from one visit to the next

14. Can’t get the check when we’re ready to leave